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Castelo de Vide, Portugal

The Public Demonstration of the INTERAIL project inspection system was held on the 19 of March of 2013, at Castelo de Vide city in Portugal.

This Demonstration event was supported by an explanatory workshop carried out by the members of the INTERAIL consortium which was opened by the President of REFER, the main end-user of the system in the project and by the President of the Board of ISQ, the project coordinator.
The participation of the National Transport Programme Committee representative in EC and Vice-President of ERRAC, allowed a better understanding of the Future Railway strategy and H2020.

In this workshop, it was possible to provide details on each of the inspection modules integrated into the INTERAIL system and main outputs provided by it.
The visit to the INTERAIL inspection vehicle at the railway station of Castelo de Vide, followed the workshop session.
The Demonstration event had an attendance comprising representatives coming from the national railway industry as well as from universities.

The Demonstration event was considered quite successful by the consortium, with a wide dissemination into the main public communication channels, namely newspapers, radio and digital newspapers and media in general, accomplishing therefore the main objectives of the INTERAIL project. A video produced within the project is available at the project website and in Youtube.

Information available:

- Demonstration Event Agenda
- INTERAIL at a Glance
- Workshop Presentations
- Event Photo library
- Project video

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